Web Design & Development

Web design and development are our passion and we’re eager to prove it to you. we provide an inclusive range of services concerning your web presence. We are very much focused on delivering creative and results-driven websites.

Web Design and Development

Web Strategy

We develop a powerful web development strategy for their unbaked web idea.

Web Designing

8 years of experience designing responsive, user-centric websites, our design team builds sites that are both beautiful and successful.

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  • Android App Development
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  • Android App Development

App Support & Maintenance

We provide web design & development support and maintenance services to keep client’s  up-to-date.

Web Development

we are expert in providing best web development services to write the success story of your business.

Web application development to skyrocket business growth

A business website is an effective platform that has high chance of conversions. An experienced, guiding hand is of utmost importance to drive business through website. At, Apps for UMS mobile apps, we are well equipped with experience, problem-solving capabilities, and commitment to the delivering world-class web application. Just the one that your business needs.

Unmatched web application services.



Tailor-made web app development that best fits your business needs. Leverage the unparalleled benefits of complete control over its design, navigation, and workings



Redefine your business growth with a portal for aggregating, streamlining, and simplifying multifaceted business communication between customers, vendors, & employees.



The best e-business solutions to take your business online in every aspect. Create holistic system for your e-business model from payroll to security with assured data integrity.



Understanding maintenance as an ongoing task is important for smooth running of web apps. We comprehend how to get them up and running–secure and error-free.

Best web solution with agile methodology

At Apps for UMS mobile apps believe in delivering unparalleled services to the business worldwide. Some of the best comprehensive services at Apps4SA includes:

The Range of Structural Choices

Web application architecture should certainly suit the needs of your business. A wide range of web application architecture allows greater flexibility in choosing strategies.

Highest Scalability

Ensuring the highest level of scalability is a big task. To ensure smooth running of your business there certainly should be a strategy to scale it further. It is about the bigger picture of scalability.

The Maintenance Part

Maintaining the content and also updating it on timely basis of really important. Most if you web development success, in longer run, depends on the maintenance.

Comprehensive flexibility

The browser flexibility is most important part when it comes to increasing reach. Our applications allow cross browsing quite easily without augmenting the experience users.

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Web Design and Development

Manage Your Web Site

Use various styling features to change the layout of your web site. Insert analytics to keep track of all users. Test and preview styling changes made both front and backend. Add an eCommerce feature to monetize your web site. Run various promotional campaigns using the promotional tools and lastly, share with your users with the User Engagement resources built into the web site. Lastly, manage the web site using your laptop to create and customize your web site easily. Insert custom coding and upload images. This is the perfect web site managing tool that can be accessed anywhere on your site. 


Customize the look and feel of your site


Input your Google analytics code on your Footer to get more accurate results in your analytics


Customize the look and feel on your site by adjusting the Styling panel.


Email us at M. info[at]umsmobileapps.com and we’ll respond to your queries as fast as possible

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